5 Nations Trading Company

Deal with the Daemon

or Better Get Yourself Tested

Bigguns always tryin to push Bink around. NO MORE! Bink’s got a plan. With sneakies. And stabbies. Time to get out of the dumb Biggun’s castle. Portal got Bink here, portal gets Bink out. It’s grubbin logic.

That humie Ren-something got deaded. AND he stole from one of Bink’s own. Not cool. But now it’s Bink’s amulet. Stealin from the dead ain’t stealin. Oh well, he couldn’t thief at all.

Little squat showed up. All clerc-y and whatnot. Says healing better than stabbing! Bink never understand the peachfaces. Ran into a new big humie that looked like he got kick stomped by a horse. Can’t jump for squat but yells a lot.

OH! King Ham and Thov-something. Bwahahahahhaha. Swapping spit with head bats ><

ΓΈ Bink



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