5 Nations Trading Company

Grand Opening

- or how many adventurers does it take to kill a rat

Grand opening day! Lots of applicants but most had no pointy things and couldn’t blast a tic off a goblin dog. But I found some gooduns. A stuntie gnome with a pointy, a stuntie halfling with a blasty, and a biggun half-orc with a blasty. Couple of other scrubs too.

Stupid bigguns came around for protection money. Can’t they see I have big teeth? Gah, no use, they just want gold. How can an honest goblin make any gold in this city? One of the stunties had a good idea, half pay for half size! Just another reason why being small is the best.

First job was easier than pickling gubbins. Only one of the stunties died! He got better though. He tried to breath sewage. Not even goblins can do that! Some humie lady wanted her necklace back. Then why’d you drop it in the sewer!? Managed to get some good shinies but had to give the good one back to her. It was magic too! Evil magic! She seemed nice though…

ΓΈ Bink



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