5 Nations Trading Company

The Darkness

or We've Got a Job Opening!

Bink did it this time. It’s just a Darkness spell they said. It’ll be fine they said. Now Bink doesn’t know where Bink is and Bink doesn’t like it. If you find this it means Bink is now dead dead deadsies. Or leashed up. Or Bink lost Bink’s journal.

Never trusting humies again. They always promise Bink gold then throw Bink in a hole with traps and crazy head bats and dead humies. And no loot! Not one shiny in the whole place. Bink did get to see what happens when a halfy tries to catch a ten foot axe though. Bink still finding bits of that halfy everywhere.

Also, met King Ham. Like a Dragon if it was as tall as Bink. And craaaaazy dumb. Like Hobgoblin dumb. Still, nice to have a King around. Never know when Bink might need to get some decrees passed. Bink loves decrees.

ΓΈ Bink


AdamMessner AdamMessner

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