5 Nations Trading Company

The Portal of DOOOOOOM!!!

Each and everyone of you that went into the portal wake up in a dark room. You are not sure how long you have been out but as your eyes adjust and those that have darkvision will notice that you are tied to a very large cot, large enough to fit all of you on. Your hands and feet are tied with some kind of silverish rope. The first thing you try and do is escape from the bonds but to no avail they are well tied. The second thing you notice is that there is a light front of you that keeps flickering. After a moment you notice that it is not flickering but there is something or someone moving in front of it back and forth. The more you look at it the more you can make out. The light is coming from some candles and a set of large burners, flasks and vials arranged on a table. The table is about 4 or 5 of you high and you could probably fit inside some of the flasks. Next to the table is a large cauldron about the size of a horse, there is some kind of fire going under the cauldron but the color is strange. There are also bookshelves lining the room which you notice is massive like the inside of a castle. Then you get a good look at the figure that is pacing in front of the table.


Thovin thinks he may have landed in alchemy heaven! The gods are going to teach me some new tricks!

The Portal of DOOOOOOM!!!

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