Tolakk Garvan d'Tharashk (Deceased)

An outcast orc evoker, on the run from his family and his responsibilities.


See eck.


When you’re born into one of the most powerful families in all of Khorvaire, there’s a bit of pressure to perform. Excel at everything, uphold the honor of the house, marry when and who you’re told, be both incredibly business-savvy and tough as nails, go into the family business, and, most of all, TURN A PROFIT. Really, it’s a wonder more Dragonmarked scions don’t crack under the pressure and run as far away from the family as they can get. Not that he’s fleeing or anything. Tolakk is just… seeing the world. Yeah, we’ll go with that. After all, to be a proper scion, you should be experienced in the world, right? Right? It certainly has nothing to do with the fact that the swamps are, well, swamps, or that a sickly half-orc more interested in magic than fighting is only one step away from a full-blown goblin on the scale of targets for ridicule. He’s just out make his mark! A perfectly valid reason to be on an entirely separate continent from the rest of the House…

Tolakk Garvan d'Tharashk (Deceased)

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