5 Nations Trading Company

The Road to Riches
or When do We Get Paid?

Bink sore. Velicity don’t understand Bink’s delicate bottom. Keeps jumping around. Worth it though, treasure close. And Bink needs it. So many pretties to buy. And bigguns to stab. Bink ready for some stabbin. Found a half dead rat in a stew. Turns out it talked! Bink still almost ate it. Might still if it doesn’t get around to doin some stabbin or sparkin.

Binks a wolf too. Bink wins.

ø Bink

or TENTACLE spiders

Wayfinder Foundation needs Bink’s help. Bink did it. Followed the map, killed the spiders, searched ruins. Even made some stinkin humies run off. Oh, and Bink got paid….. PAAAAAIIIIIIDDDDDD. So much Bink doesn’t know what to do. New Stabbie? New Sparkly? New everything! Oh. Bink spent it all. Bink need self control.

Also. Tentacle Spiders. Bad poison. Stab immediately.

ø Bink

Good Kitty
or Cold as Ice

Bink sooooo cooooooold. Need hot cocoa. Stupid traps! Why they make them so nasty. Bink good though. Out of the stupid Giant’s castle. Out of the deal with the red daemon thingy. Picked up a kitty. And a froggy. Not sure which is weirder.

Bink found Bink’s first buried treasure! It will put 5 Nations Trading Company on the map! Bink loves maps.

ø Bink

Deal with the Daemon
or Better Get Yourself Tested

Bigguns always tryin to push Bink around. NO MORE! Bink’s got a plan. With sneakies. And stabbies. Time to get out of the dumb Biggun’s castle. Portal got Bink here, portal gets Bink out. It’s grubbin logic.

That humie Ren-something got deaded. AND he stole from one of Bink’s own. Not cool. But now it’s Bink’s amulet. Stealin from the dead ain’t stealin. Oh well, he couldn’t thief at all.

Little squat showed up. All clerc-y and whatnot. Says healing better than stabbing! Bink never understand the peachfaces. Ran into a new big humie that looked like he got kick stomped by a horse. Can’t jump for squat but yells a lot.

OH! King Ham and Thov-something. Bwahahahahhaha. Swapping spit with head bats ><

ø Bink

The Portal of DOOOOOOM!!!

Each and everyone of you that went into the portal wake up in a dark room. You are not sure how long you have been out but as your eyes adjust and those that have darkvision will notice that you are tied to a very large cot, large enough to fit all of you on. Your hands and feet are tied with some kind of silverish rope. The first thing you try and do is escape from the bonds but to no avail they are well tied. The second thing you notice is that there is a light front of you that keeps flickering. After a moment you notice that it is not flickering but there is something or someone moving in front of it back and forth. The more you look at it the more you can make out. The light is coming from some candles and a set of large burners, flasks and vials arranged on a table. The table is about 4 or 5 of you high and you could probably fit inside some of the flasks. Next to the table is a large cauldron about the size of a horse, there is some kind of fire going under the cauldron but the color is strange. There are also bookshelves lining the room which you notice is massive like the inside of a castle. Then you get a good look at the figure that is pacing in front of the table.


It stands at about 18 ft tall with massive thick muscular body. Its head is clean shaved and seems to be hairless everywhere else. Its head is very angular and seems to be made of stone. There are glowing tattoos covering its bare torso and head. They seem very magical in nature. It is wearing very nice pants made out of some luxury material and very fine leather or so you think boots.
Before you get a chance to collect your thoughts and see if everyone else is ok It notices that you all have woken and turns to face you. It begins to walk toward you looming over you.

The Darkness
or We've Got a Job Opening!

Bink did it this time. It’s just a Darkness spell they said. It’ll be fine they said. Now Bink doesn’t know where Bink is and Bink doesn’t like it. If you find this it means Bink is now dead dead deadsies. Or leashed up. Or Bink lost Bink’s journal.

Never trusting humies again. They always promise Bink gold then throw Bink in a hole with traps and crazy head bats and dead humies. And no loot! Not one shiny in the whole place. Bink did get to see what happens when a halfy tries to catch a ten foot axe though. Bink still finding bits of that halfy everywhere.

Also, met King Ham. Like a Dragon if it was as tall as Bink. And craaaaazy dumb. Like Hobgoblin dumb. Still, nice to have a King around. Never know when Bink might need to get some decrees passed. Bink loves decrees.

ø Bink

Boogie on Down the Road
or Orick of the MAGMON

New job into Xen’drik from a goblin named Boogie. 500g! In the Warrens the Bigguns told us two things. Never look a Dog in the face and never trust a Goblin offering gold. But that didn’t stop Bink. And what happened? Bink may have gotten stabbed in the back by Boogie but still got 500g! And some monkeys. Not worth the trouble though. It’s like herding rats. That throw poop.

Xen’drik is more fun than stabbing. Bink didn’t think that was possible. Bink needs to go out there all the time.

ø Bink

Grand Opening
- or how many adventurers does it take to kill a rat

Grand opening day! Lots of applicants but most had no pointy things and couldn’t blast a tic off a goblin dog. But I found some gooduns. A stuntie gnome with a pointy, a stuntie halfling with a blasty, and a biggun half-orc with a blasty. Couple of other scrubs too.

Stupid bigguns came around for protection money. Can’t they see I have big teeth? Gah, no use, they just want gold. How can an honest goblin make any gold in this city? One of the stunties had a good idea, half pay for half size! Just another reason why being small is the best.

First job was easier than pickling gubbins. Only one of the stunties died! He got better though. He tried to breath sewage. Not even goblins can do that! Some humie lady wanted her necklace back. Then why’d you drop it in the sewer!? Managed to get some good shinies but had to give the good one back to her. It was magic too! Evil magic! She seemed nice though…

ø Bink


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